Help us. Help Rescues! 

When you buy from PrettyPointer, not only are you supporting a small family business. But you are also helping us help Dog Rescue Charities.
We donate 10% of our profits to a different well deserving, non profit rescue charity each month.

Our chosen charity for the month of May is StreetVet
Street Vet is a charity we first came across at Crufts this year. For those who don’t know about Street Vet.
StreetVet vets and nurses work in the UK to help homeless people and their dogs. They provide treatment and care to these vital companion animals which simply isn’t available for the homeless. They vaccinate and microchip; treat for fleas and protected against lungworm; prescribe pain relief and helped fight infections; perform surgeries; and sometimes just sit and listened.
I would encourage everybody to take a look at their website, donate, buy from their Amazon Wish List and see how you can help this very worthy cause.