Help us, help rescue!!

Each month we choose a rescue charity to support and donate 10% of our profits to help them help dogs in need.

When you buy from PrettyPointer. Not only are you supporting a small family business but you also help us help rescue charities in the UK.
We donate 10% of our profits to Rescue charities to help them further their wonderful work helping dogs in need.

For the month of May we have chosen to Vizsla Rescue Cyprus!

They save Vizslas and Vizsla Crosses from starvation and abuse from Cyprus. Where they are often abandoned, even from being only a few weeks old. Life for dogs and cats is very hard in Cyprus where far too many are bred (Neutering and spaying is not commonly done) so there are far too many being born, and ultimately they end up starving, or being left to die in horrible cages.

With the help of some fantastic volunteers the angel of the charity Helga Root fund raises to help rescue and rehomes these neglected and abused dogs by bringing them over to the UK to find their loving forever homes.

To find out more about this wonderful charity check out their facebook page